SEAL TLS Drysuit

The SEAL TLS incorporates many years of operative experience with this suit in combining the best features available. DUI starts with the proven technology of the lightweight and rugged trilaminate material and has gone from there. Cordura and Aramid Fiber pads are added to cover the high wear areas, tactical pockets are attached and fabric waterproof socks keep the suit lightweight.

DUI can also configure this with a Cordura/polyester waterproof sock to further keep the weight of the suit as light as possible. The most popular pockets selected for this suit are DUI’s Bellows and Cargo. The small pocket usually selected for this suit is the strobe pocket on the shoulder.


  • Black nylon trilaminate with black cordura® overlays at shoulders and hips
  • Diagonal front entry zipper (self-donning)
  • Patented telescoping torso, suspenders and crotch strap
  • Aramid Fiber Knee pads
  • Latex ZipSeals™ neck & wrist seal
    • A flexible urethane ZipRing® installed on the drysuit fits divers of all sizes
    • Replace a damaged seal in under a minute
    • Remove ZipSeals for long term storage to extend the life of the seal
    • Option - Replace wrist seals with ZipGloves for warm dry hands


  • Multiple configurations available:
    • Diving (open or closed circuit configuration)
    • Surface ops
  • Warm Neck Collar & Zipper Guard
  • Large Bellows Pocket with D-Ring
  • Cordura Zipper Pocket with D-Ring
  • Strobe Pocket
  • Relief zipper
  • Apeks swivel Inlet & adjustable automatic exhaust valve with inlet hose
  • Waterproof Drysuit Sock
  • Drysuit storage bag with talc and zipper wax
 Made in the USA

GSA Contract Holder

TLS Seal Drysuit Details

Proudly designed and manufactured at our factory in San Diego, California. The Seal TLS is incredibly tough while still flexible to allow for a full range of movement in and out of the water.

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