Slipstream Monoprene Fins

DiveDUI Military

DUI Part Number: 12318001

Product Description

Slipstream Fins are made with proprietary Monoprene® creating a lightweight but high performance fin.  Made with a spring heel strap, Slipstream Fins give divers an easy donning fin that will also “deliver the goods” in any condition.  The light weight helps to keep the divers legs in optimal position when a low-silting kick is necessary and is also optimal for reducing damage while working around sensitive marine areas like coral reefs.

This proven fin design is manufactured from a lightweight, neutrally buoyant Monoprene resin that results in better trim positioning with maximum thrust on the down kick and minimal resistance on the up kick. 

  • Light Weight: 
    Keeps Divers Legs in Optimal Position when Low-Silt Kicking 
    Optimal for Reducing Damage while Working Around Sensitive Marine Areas
  • Navy Tested Fin
  • Construction: Neutrally Buoyant Monoprene® thermoplastic elastomer Material
  • Better Trim Positioning with Maximum Thrust on Down Kick and Minimal Resistance on Up Kick
  • Spring Fin Strap Design
  • Multiple Sizes for Perfect Fit: 
    One Size Fits All, Causes Excessive Coil Expansion 
    Too Tight when Used with Larger Boot 
    Facilitate Line Entanglement in Between Expanded Coils 
    Multiple Sizes: Eliminate Excessive Coil Expansion and Entanglements
  • Spring Design: Depth Compensating for Boot Compression at Depth
  • Thick 4.5" (11.4cm) Achilles Rubber Pad: Provides Unprecedented Comfort
  • Rubber Pad: Aids in Donning and Doffing

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